Pillaiyar Nonbu 2008 Meeting Minutes

Dear Nagarathar,

Minutes of the PILLAIYAR NONBU CELEBRATIONS  3rd JANUARY 2009 follows:


The meeting was held at NORTON CANES COMMUNITY CENTRE, CANNOCK, between 5 and 8 pm.



The meeting started with Irai vanakkam by Mr Sethu, Manisha, Kishan and Kailash. The secretary, Dr Nachi Arunachalam welcomed everyone. New members were requested to come forward and introduce themselves.




Mr Sethu, Mr Thenappan, Dr Selvam and Dr Subbaiah sang Lord Ganesha prayer songs. After which, Mr Sethu gave the first Ilai to Mr Ramanathan. Then, Mr Ramanathan gave the Ilais to other members.



Ilai Eduthal was followed by a sumptuous meal prepared by Aachimars.



The secretary started the business meeting. He explained that many apologies were received mainly due to Xmas holidays.



Dr Nachiappan requested Dr Sivalingam to give a fitting tribute to our late President Dr Thiagarajan. Dr Sivalingam gave an emotional speech about Dr Thiagarjan’s life and good deeds, following which members observed two minutes silence.



The secretary informed the members that Tamil New Year 2008 was a success. Dr Nachiappan also said that 3 marriage donations were given in the year 2008. Members approved the new location for Pillaiyar Nonbu celebration at Norton Canes Community Centre, Cannock. They also approved the purchase of music system for the Sangam.



The treasurer, Dr Sundaram Manian, submitted the finance report for the year 2008. He thanked members who have set up standing order for the annual membership fees. He told that it is very vital that everyone set up standing order in order to take the Sangam forward and all members agreed.



It was agreed that after everyone has set up the standing order, the Sangam would implement the following plans:


  • Only to charge married couples for New Year Event exempting others including guests

  • Marriage donation to be increased to Rs 10,000/- (irrespective of currency fluctuations)

  • Education donation to support education of one person through out the duration of the course



The secretary announced that Mr Kumarappan has come forward to provide education donation through Sangam to support education of one person through out the duration of the course. The members welcomed the announcement with a great applause.



It was agreed that education support should be given to the best performer among the applicants from poor background and to use the application form and the criteria followed by the Nagarathar Sangam of USA.



Dr Nachiappan and Dr Sundaram Manian presented the proposals for way forward, the details of which were fiercely debated and a final agreement was reached. As a result, an election was conducted. We welcome the following new office bearers:



Mr Ramanathan

Hon. President

Mrs Jeyanthi Muthupalaniappan

Hon. Vice President

Mr Mathi and Mrs Bamah

Hon. Secretaries*

Mr Sundaram Manian

Hon. Treasurer

Mr Karthik

Hon. Youth Secretary


* Decided last year


It was agreed that all the office bearers, apart from secretary, would hold office for 3 years. The President will preside the Sangam. The Vice President will be responsible for charity work and the secretary will organise key events and co-ordinate all activities.



The secretary thanked Anand for maintaining the website and requested members to give their feedback and suggestions for improvement.


Dr Nachiappan appreciated the efforts of Mrs Devi Shanmugham in raising charity fund through sale of “Flavours of Chettinad”, a book on Chettinad cooking and requested members to pay for the books they have ordered and receive them.


The secretary asked members to donate towards Perumal Koil Kumbabisekam at Karaikkudi.


Kailash and Rishab entertained the audience with their songs whilst Mathi enthralled them with his stand-up comedy.


Dr Nachiappan and Dr Nirmala handed over the reins to Mr and Mrs Mathi. Mr Mathi thanked the outgoing secretaries and announced that the Tamil New Year 2009 will be on 18th April 2009.