New Year 2011 Meeting Minutes

Dear Nagarathars

Apologies for the delay in updating the site. The minutes for the Tamil New Year 2011 Meeting follows:


The Tamil New Year Meeting was held on 16 April 2011 and commenced at 12.45pm at Greenwood Park Community Centre, Chiswell Green, St Albans, Hertfordshire. The meeting was attended by 74 adults and 34 children.


Apologies were received from the following people. Please accept our apologies if we have left anyone off this list.

Dr & Mrs Shunmugam (Durham)
Dr & Mrs Sivalingam
Dr & Mrs Subbiah
Mr & Mrs Meena Murguan
Dr & Mrs Subramaniam (Halifax)
Dr and Mrs Kumar (Cardiff)
Mr & Mrs Managalaram
Mr Kannan & Shanthi (Chesterfield)
Mr Alagu Sekkappan & Family
Mr Subbu & Meena Manickam (Sutton Coldfield)
Dr Muthu & Meena Muthupalaniappan
Mr Nachiappan & Meena
Mr Vairavan Manickam & Sethu (Birmingham)
Dr Muthiah Palaniappan
Meenakshi & Manickam (Croyden)
Mr & Mrs Karthik
Mrs Meena (Blackpool) & Mrs Saras Achi (Blackpool)
Mr Palaniappan & Nithya
Dr Annamalai & Meena
Drs Nachiappan & Nirmala

Yega welcomed the attendees and he thanked the members for arriving promptly. Two of our young members recited prayers.

Two births were announced – Sundar and Keerthi on the birth of their son, Krishna and,  Uma & Sekappan on the birth of their baby.

We passed on our thoughts and prayers to the families of Mr Sundaram Maniam and Mrs Saraswathi Achi who both sadly passed away.

Newcomers to our meetings were asked to come forward and introduce themselves.

Following this the election of the new treasurer took place.  After a short discussion Yega proposed Mrs Kavitha Thyiagarajan to be the new treasurer and Mr Ramanathan seconded the proposal.

Then we had some beautiful vocal performances from Priya, Dharma, Mani, Kishen & Manisha.  The performances were thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

After a short break lunch was served.  Suvai Chettinad catered a wonderful array of dishes and everyone enjoyed their food.

Lunch was followed by various indoor games for all age groups.  Virtually all members from all age groups took part and it was a wonderful occasion to see our community having fun.

Under 5’s  participated in egg & spoon races and beanbag races. Abinay won the egg & spoon race. Anjali Thyiagarajan won the beanbag race

5-9 year old’s took part in a running race, sack race and a 3-legged race. Ashwin won the running race. Abinay won the sack race. Dharma & Mani won the 3-legged race.

Over 10’s took part in a 3-legged race with Shyam and Kishen winning this.

The adults also participated in races.

The men took part in a 3-legged race and a sack race. Subbu & Selva won the 3 legged race. Ashok won the sack race.

The women took part in two beanbag races and two egg & spoon races. Sharmila and Bamah won the beanbag races. Kannahi & Bamah won the egg & spoon races

Mr Sethu was asked to present the children with their prizes. All participating children received some sweets.

Following the races, delicious samosa’s (catered by Masala Restaurant), cupcakes and tea and coffee were enjoyed by all.

A quiz was held for all attendees.  The men and women naturally were in opposing teams.  The quiz comprised of questions based on our Chettiar heritage, questions on Hinduism and questions from British popular culture. The men won with 18 points and the women had 10 points.

The meeting ended with the Vote of Thanks.

Kind regards

Dr Yegappan and Chitra