New Year 2005 Meeting Minutes

Dear Nagarathars,

Before proceeding with the minutes we would like to express out thanks to everyone for giving us the opportunity of being secretary for this year. We very much enjoyed organising the April meeting and look forward to the Pilliyar Nonbu. We would also like to thank Dr and Mrs Vairaven for the two years of excellent work they have done.


Order of events:

  • Welcome speech by secretary
  • Meeting was attended by about 50 adults and 10 children
  • The meeting commenced with a prayer song sung by Thilaga Narayanan
  • Issues discussed at meeting follows:


Congratulations were given to Sundar Kumarappan on his marriage to Keerthi on December 2004.

We also congratulated Mr Sethuraman of Aberdeen on obtaining his Ph.D.

Marriage Donation

One donation has already been requested by Mr A Ramanathan for a marriage taking place in Kallal. Two more donations are still available for the year. Everyone was asked to please contact us to suggest any suitable cases. The money is there and should be used for this good cause.

Education Donation

Members discussed proposals to donate around £200 a year to help needy Nagarathar students. It was suggested that this is best done through a local Sangam, for example, in Madurai, Trichi or Karaikudi who can  vet and find a suitable educative purpose.

We are making enquiries in India with local Sagams regarding this and any suggestions are welcome.

Donation - Meena Ramaswamy

Discussed the situation of the young Meena Ramaswamy who was widowed two years ago. Her family turned down the donations that were offered to her by various members at the time. Meena has now been in contact with Dr Thiagarajan and has asked whether members would be prepared to donate an amount of money to her and her child as they are now facing hardship. Any donations may be sent to Dr Thiagarajan and we wish to thank you for this. As suggested by members we propose to collect until September.

Extra trips

A caravan trip has been booked in Wales for the weekend of June 4th and all places have been filled. 21 members are due to go on this trip and we will tell you how it went when we return!

A further caravanning trip was suggested. This is to be booked for a weekend in September. Further details will be available soon.

This talk was interrupted by the arrival of a certain Swami Sachidhananda in full uniform. Everyone took his blessings quickly before the Swamiji had to leave urgently. For those of you who did not attend the meeting - you really missed this"! Swamiji alias Mathi gave quite a performance.


Mr Thenappan gave a short speech on the upcomming event of the London Sri Murugan Temple Kumbabishekam. It is to be held on Sunday 22nd May. The main event is between 6am and 7:30am. Following the Kumbabishekam, Mandala Abishekams will be held for 45 days. This may be booked either through Mr Thenappan or directly through the temple.

Mr Thenappan stressed how important funding was for the Kumbabishekam and requested everyone to make a donation. Please call Mr Thenappan for any enquires fegariding this event.

UK Nagarathar Sangam Website

Chithambaram Veerappan (Anand) gave a talk about the Nagarathar website. A small presentation to show the various pages designed so far was given. All the hard work and effort put in towards the website's development by Anand was acknowledged.

Further developments over the next couple of months will include sections:

  • the purpose and aims of the Sangam
  • matters of importance at any one moment
  • charitable donations given by the Sangam
  • educative and cultural section
  • new member - help section

Everyone was invited to share their views on the website and contribute their ideas.

Chettiar Kovil Presentation

I gave a 20 minute slide presentation on the nine Nagarathar Temples with explanation of the origin of  Chettiars. This was received well and there have been requests to link this information to the website which I will work over the next couple of months.

Main contents of talk were:-

  1. Definition of Chettiar, Nattukotai and Nagarathar
  2. Geographical and Chronological history of out people
  3. Over villages
  4. Population census
  5. History of our nine temples, photographs and their workings and customs

I will prepare a further presentaion at out next meeting.


Dr & Mrs Palaniappan
Dr & Mrs Shanmugam (Durham(
Dr & Mrs Murugappan
Mr & Mrs N Shanmugam (Eastborne)
Dr & Mrs Kumar (Cardiff)
Dr & MrsMr & Mrs Palaniappan (Bristol)
Dr & Mrs Siva Sockalingam
Dr & Mrs K C Palaniappan
Mr & Mrs Padha Thiagarajan
Mr & Mrs Karrupiah Thiagarajan
Dr & Mrs Nachiappan Arunachalam
Dr & Mrs R Palaniappan (Colchester)
Mr & Mrs Selvaganesan
Mr & Mrs Ganeshkumar (London)
Mr & Mrs Meyappan (Cheltenham)
Ms Vaishnavi
Mr K K Moorthy
Mr Nachiappan (Bromley)
Dr P Sunramanian (Barrow-in-Furness)

New Members

New members and parents of members introduced themselves:

  • Mr and Mrs Palaniappan Chettiar, parents of Uma Narayanan (Winsor)
  • Dr and Mrs Nachiappan and son Sai Ram (Bolton)
  • Mr Karthik (Huddersfield)


Kishen Mathi and Anjali Kalairajah performed a dance routine to the film song 'Appadi Podu'
Manisha Mathi sang a song 'Penne Neeyum Penna'
Mr Sethu san a song from Mouna Ragam
Manisha sang a song from Roja
Mr Mathi sang a religious song
Kishen and Thilaga also sang songs
Manisha Vairavan came as a fairy for the fancy dress comperition.


The games were a huge success and the ladies had immense fun watching the men parading the catwalk!

Children's games - Pass the Parcel and 'Sweet' memory game.

Men's game - The men were given 5 minutes to dress up in a saree. This game was won by Mr Thenappan.

Ladies' game - The ladies had to guess the contents of a number of bags. The winners in the game were Meena Subramaniam, Uma Narayan and Muthu Nachiappan.

Couples' game - Three couples were selected randomly to play Mr and MRs. The winners were Mrs and Dr Murugan.

Mr Mathi won the fancy dress competition!

Two other winners have been selected for the saree competition and will be presented at the Pilliayar Nonbu.

Thank you very much to all those who attended this meeting and for making it such an enjoyable occation.


Thanks also to

  • Dr & Mrs Thiagarajan and Dr & Mrs Subramanian (Halifax) for arranging the delicious meal.
  • Dr & Mrs Thiagarajan for arranging and booking the venue.
  • Mr & Mrs Narayanan, Mani Sethuraman and Kasi for help with the games.
  • To all those who took part in the entertainment providing a wonderful show for all
  • To all those who helped clear up at the end for a speedy exit.

Mr Sethu handed out the presents to the children,

We look forward to seeing you all for the Pilliayar Nonbu in January 2006. We are predicting that Pilliayar Nonbu falls on January 3rd. We will notify you of the exact data when it is confirmed.


Bala and Jeyanthi