New Year 2008 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was held at CATERPILLAR LEISURE AND SOCIAL CLUB, LEICESTER, between 12 – 6.30pm

Meeting was started with Irai vannakkam by Karthik Kumar and Tamil thai vazhthu by Arthi and Meena. The secretary, Dr Nachi Arunachalam welcomed everyone.


Nachi thanked members who have set up direct debit/standing order for the annual membership fees (approximate 20 members) and treasurer, Dr Sundaram Manian for opening the Sangam account with Natwest. Remaining members were requested to set up direct debit as soon as possible. Members authorised treasurer to claim gift aid money from Inland Revenue.

For the year 2008, two marriage donations (each £100) were given. One for the marriage of the girl recommended by Mr Thenappan and held on November 2007 and the other for the marriage of Miss Meenakshi, d/o Mr Valliappan, Trichy and native of Siravayal.

Discussion took place on financial support for education for economically challenged students and it was agreed to assist one person every year to the value of £100/- per annum. Nachi agreed to present the criteria and the forms for discussion in the next meeting.

Anand was thanked for updating the web page. Vidya Palaniappan agreed to support by providing recipes.

Devi Shanmugham presented the proposal to sell “Flavours of Chettinad”, a book on Chettinad cooking and use the profit for charitable purposes, which was agreed and many also came forward to buy the book for themselves as well.

The business meeting was followed by a sumptuous meal prepared by Chef Vijay.

A debate was conducted on who holds the family together – Chettiar or Aachi? Mathi, Thenappan and Mani spoke for Chettiars and Kumar, Sethu and Devi Shanmugham spoke for Aachimars. Despite the valiant effort of Mani and team, naduvar Ramanathan announced Aachimars as winners. His decision was also influenced by the popular voting he conducted which was well in favour of Aachimars.

Games were conducted for children after the pattimandram. Children under three ran from dad to mum for 15 metres to win a prize. Children aged 4 to 8 did a lemon spoon race followed by teddy bear jigsaw puzzle. Children aged above 8 competed to make elephants out of play dough.

Everyone had their coffees with delicious cakes made by Arthi Nachiappan specially for Nagarthars.

After the snacks, Manisha, Karthik, Thilaga, Kailash, Priya, Abirami and Ashwin entertained the audience with their songs whilst Kishan and Anjali enthralled them with their dance.

Nirmala gave vote of thanks and the meeting came to a close with the agreement that the Pillaiyar nonbu function for 2008 will be conducted on Saturday, 3rd January 2009 at Cannock.

Post meeting notes: We are pleased to inform that the income from the meeting not only met the expenses but also resulted in a small profit to the Sangam.