About Us

The Nagarathar Sangam UK (NaSaUK), formerly known as the London Nagarathar Sangam* was established on 3rd of August 1974 in London.

The objectives of the Sangam are:

  • To provide facilities for the social gathering of the community members.
  • To provide facilities for the observance of religious, national festivities and celebrations.

The need for a Sangam came about in a gathering at Dr. M. Thiagarajan's house. The first meeting was held at the India Club, 143, Strand. Mr. VE. Palaniappan of Kallal, Dr. M. Thiagarajan of Kallal, Mr. M. Sethu of Kilasivalpatty, Mr. N. Thiagarajan of Kallal, Mr. M. Thenappan of Alagapuri, Mr. A. Ramanathan of Kallal and Mr. M. Meyappan of Karaikudi were all involved with the establishment of the Sangam.

At this first meeting on the 3rd of August 1974, Mr. Alagappan and Mr. Sethu were elected as President and Secretary unanimously. It was also decided that the Sangam would meet on three occasions - Pillayar Nonbu, Tamil New Year and the Sangams Annual meeting. During the forthcoming years, the Sangam decided to meet twice a year, to celebrate Pillayar Nombu and Tamil New year together as a community.

In 1984, it was decided that out of the interest from the Sangam's fund, a donation would be made for one marriage in the chettiar community in India, every year. This has been followed until 1996. From 1997, it was decided to increase this to two marriages a year, from a separate donation established to fund it.

Around 1988, the Sangam was completely inactive and it was due to the efforts of Mr. Sendhil Thiagarajan that the activities of the Sangam were once again revived. The get-togethers were held in London in the early years of the Sangam although it has subsequently moved to various places such as Birmingham, Cannock, Bolton, Halifax, Bury and Northampton, as to be more accessible to all the members.

*The London Nagarathar Sangam still exists as a separate entity, but shares the same roots as us.

The Sangam would like to thank Dr. Nachiappan Murugappan for providing this information.